Remake Learning

Project Date of completion: November 2018

Collaborating with Root + All and LaTrenda Consulting, Motor Mouth Multimedia assisted in the production of the CSforPGH Quick Start Guide for Remake Learning, a network that ignites engaging, relevant, and equitable learning practices in support of young people navigating rapid social and technological change.

Representing more than 50 organizations including schools, museums, libraries, after-school programs, ed-tech companies, universities, employers, and foundations, CSforPGH seeks to prioritize youth learning, build confidence in teaching, cultivate digital ethics, and build computer science capacity in the greater Pittsburgh region.

The CSforPGH Quickstart Guide is for educators looking for ways to integrate computer science and computational thinking into their teaching practice. Drawing on examples of CS education practiced by K–12 teachers and out-of-school educators throughout the Pittsburgh region, this guide includes 25 “quick starts” as points of inspiration. Each quickstart oers a way for teachers to start small, learn valuable lessons together with their peers and students, and build on what works to take CS education to scale in their classroom, school building, or even across their whole district.

Motor Mouth Multimedia conducted interviews and compiled case studies for the guide.

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