Human-Centric Marketing is not a new strategy, however the communication’s approach is gaining traction, in the wake of COVID-19 and the rise of anti-Black violence. Consumers want to feel that the brands they interact with have a purpose and a clear message beyond selling their products or services. The keys to successfully developing this type of Human-Centric strategy for your business must be based on h values such as empathy, kindness, compassion, and justice. Customers will feel that you listen and care about what they have to say. By putting the consumer experience at the center of your marketing strategy, your brand will benefit and receive a positive perception.

Motor Mouth Multimedia implemented these winning strategies with various organizations, such as Family Values @ Work, MomsRising, Paid Leave for All and the Women and Girls Foundation. We worked on a national campaign promoting paid family and medical leave and collected stories from mothers across the US. Mothers submitted stories about how the lack of paid leave impacted their families and how missing work meant the difference between buying groceries or paying rent. 

This story collections led to Tori Synder testifying in front of the US Congressional Ways and Means committee.  Sonya Singleton, Motor Mouth Multimedia’s operations director, appeared on the Today Show website. Another mom in Motor Mouth Multimedia’s network shared her story on behalf of our clients in the New York Times and on a CNN podcast.

I have worked with Heather and Motor Mouth both as the state director for MomsRising, and a member of the PA Family Care Act Campaign. Their work is top-notch! Most recently Heather and team organized two events to engage moms around early learning campaigns in Pennsylvania, and they delivered a fantastic and fun event, and filled the room both times. I highly recommend their work. ~ Karen Showalter

You too can collaborate with others to tell diverse stories, provide unique perspectives and increase the visibility of important issues. Complete this short survey to inquire about developing a communications and marketing campaign.

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©2023 Motor Mouth Multimedia | All Rights Reserved.

©2023 Motor Mouth Multimedia | All Rights Reserved.