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Motor Mouth Multimedia collaborates with others to tell diverse stories, provide unique perspectives and increase visibility of important issues.


Every communications and marketing plan across the commonwealth and the country will include diverse voices and promote positive images of people of color.

Guiding Principles

Through a vast collective of creatives of color, Motor Mouth Multimedia assembles the right sized team for efficiency, effectiveness and innovation.


We tell diverse stories and provide unique perspectives: Motor Mouth Multimedia ensures all stakeholders, regardless of race, religion or income, are included in communications. Through a multicultural marketing lens, we help clients see all audiences, elevate diverse voices and promote positive images, specifically of people of color and vulnerable populations.


We collaborate with others: Motor Mouth Multimedia works as a team to create, innovate and communicate.


We customize communications: Motor Mouth Multimedia crafts custom, not cookie cutter, communications to meet clients specific needs.


We listen and learn: Before giving advice or developing strategies, Motor Mouth Multimedia listens to their clients and learns about the issues at hand.


We are impactful: Motor Mouth Multimedia won’t seek attention for attention’s sake. What good is trending Twitter Chats, viral videos and above the fold newspaper placements if your messages don’t reach your target audiences? We align your communications plan with your overarching strategic plan and choose the right modes and metrics. If you don’t have a work plan, we’ll help you write one!


We connect clients to causes: Motor Mouth Multimedia donates a portion of its profits to the communities it serves. In 2017, Motor Mouth Multimedia supported Free Store Penn Hills, a consignment store minus price tags for neighbors in need. In 2018, the organization sponsored Cocktails with a Conscience to benefit nonprofits serving single moms and children.